Section 05 – Freezing: The PDF Options Panel

First Stage – Freezing Into PDF

Imposition is one of those things that sounds simple – “you just rearrange the pages, right?” – but then, if you try it manually or with a simple script, you find that it might not be so simple after all.  What do you do with automatic page numbering, for example? How about photos that span both pages of a spread?

IDImposer solves these and many other issues by first ‘freezing’ [a copy of] your source InDesign document into a sequential multi-page PDF file (or, if you prefer, separate single-page PDF files). It is this Freezing stage that is controlled by the fields of the PDF panel, displayed below. We’ll call this Stage 1.

Stage 2 of an IDImposer imposition Places and links these frozen PDF pages into the appropriate ‘sheet’ locations of a new InDesign Document.

Stage 3 of the imposition draws the Printer Marks.

The Freezing panel
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