Section 03 – The Options Panel

Select “Options” from the Layout/Options/Marks dropdown to get to the Layout Options panel.

Sheets Per Signature

Sheets Per Signature, used with the Perfect Bound Imposition Type, is the number of sheets that are to be printed and folded together as a single unit. For example, if Sheets Per Signature is 1, and we are doing a simple 2-up imposition, the sheets will be laid out like this:

  • Front of Sheet 1:  Pages: 4,1
  • Back of Sheet 1:  Pages 2,3
  • Front of Sheet 2: Pages 8,5
  • Back of Sheet 2:  Pages 6,7

If Sheets Per Signature is 2:

  • Front of Sheet 1:  8,1
  • Back of Sheet 1:   2,7
  • Front of Sheet 2: 6,3
  • Back of Sheet 2:  4,5
  • Front of Sheet 3:  16,9
  • Back of Sheet 3:   10,15
  • Front of Sheet 4:  14,11
  • Back of Sheet 4:   12,13

Shift / Creep

Suppose you are producing a 24-page Saddle Stitch Booklet, in 6 Sheets. (Each Sheet contains 4 Pages — 2 on the front side, and 2 on the back side.) To correct for Page Creep, we ‘shingle’ as follows:

  1. Stack 6 blank sheets of the paper stock that you will be using.
  2. Measure the thickness of the stack.
  3. In IDImposer, typically you will want to specify the Outer Creep as the stack thickness, with an Inner Creep of 0.
    (Alternatively, you can have the Outer Creep be half of the stack thickness, and the Inner Creep also be half of the thickness, but negative.)
  4. Click the ‘Impose’ button.
  5. Now look at the output doc. Note that the text and other contents of the ‘outer’ sheet (Page 24 / Page 1) have been shifted away from the fold, by approximately the amount of the specified Outer Creep. But the contents of the ‘inner’ sheet (Page 14 / Page 11) will not be shifted at all.
  6. Print, fold, staple.

Note that, with thick saddle stitched booklets, you must take care not to have contents very close to the outer edges of the outer sheets, or some of the contents may be clipped or nearly-clipped.

If you like formulas, here is the one that IDImposer uses:

shiftAmountForThisSheet = outerCreep - (sheetIndex * (outerCreep - innerCreep) / (numberOfSheets - 1))

where sheetIndex is zero-based.

Binding Edge

In languages written from left to right, such as English, books are bound on the left side of the cover; looking from on top, the pages increase counter-clockwise. In right-to-left languages, books are bound on the right. In both cases, this is so the end of a page coincides with where it is turned.


Select either LHS Binding or RHS Binding.

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