Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. “How do you pronounce ‘IDImposer’?”
    • Like this:  ‘eye-dee-imposer’. (‘ID’ is a common abbreviation for ‘InDesign’).
  2. “I only see one download file on the Download page. Where is the Windows version?”
    • There is not a separate download for Mac and Windows. The same download works for both Mac and Windows.
  3. “I only see one download file on the Download page. Where are the older versions, for older versions of InDesign?”
    • There is not a separate download for the different versions of InDesign.  The same download of IDImposer is compatible back to InDesign CS5, and up through InDesign 2020 or better.
  4. “My sheets of paper are not big enough to contain the 2 (or whatever) Pages that I want per sheet. Where is IDImposer’s scaling option?”
    • There is no scaling option. IDImposer doesn’t need one. All that IDImposer needs to do is create an output InDesign Document that has the correct page order.  You will eventually be printing this new Document, probably with InDesign or Acrobat/Reader. And both of those programs have perfectly fine scaling built into their Print functionality.
    • And, of course, scaling at Print time isn’t the way to do production work anyway.  Just make your pages to fit on the output sheet size that you will be working with; then just specify that sheet size in IDImposer. Scaling at Print time should only be using for printing to a desktop printer, as a quick proof.

  5. “When I run IDImposer, and then print the imposed IDImposer output, it is sometimes scaled down to be a little less than ‘actual size’.  How do I fix that?”
    • If you are printing to ‘standard’ Letter, Legal, or A4 ‘paper’, InDesign scales page contents so that it all fits within the supposed ‘printable area’ of that paper ‘size’. If that is not the behavior that you want, you can use or create a version of ‘Letter’, etc, where the printable area is assumed to be the whole paper. Often this is called something like ‘Letter-NoMargins’. If something like that does not exist in the list of ‘paper sizes’, you can usually create a ‘custom’ paper size that does not have margins (i.e., margins are zero).
      Note that this is a printer and printer-driver issue, not an IDImposer issue.
    • Also, of course, any scaling in the print dialogs (or the printer itself!) must be set to 100% (‘Actual Size’).

  6. What are these ‘Page Sequence’ files for, in IDImposer’s RESOURCES folder?
    • See PageSequence_ReadMe.txt, in IDImposer’s RESOURCES > Docs folder.
  7. My output from IDImposer sometimes looks ‘low resolution’ or ‘fuzzy’.
    • Set High Quality Display in the InDesign View menu.
    (If you do this when no InDesign Document is open, High Quality will ‘stick’ as your default setting.)
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