Helper Scripts

Here are some scripts that might be useful to you, as you work with IDImposer. They can be found in your IDImposer RESOURCES > HelperScripts folder, and, like IDImposer, must be run from within the Scripts panel.


The first script is “MakeTestDoc.jsx” — a simple script that I use to help create some of my IDImposer test documents.  It just draws an empty rect at the page bounds, and a text box with ‘Page N’, where N is the page number of the page.  All drawing is done on the (first) master page (master spread) for the doc, so that the objects appear on all pages.


The second script, PDFMultiPlace.jsx, Places a multi-Page PDF file onto a new INDD Document.  You can then run IDImposer to impose the new INDD Document into a Booklet or other imposed layout.

PDFMultiPlace.jsx was inspired by PlaceMultiPagePDF.jsx, as distributed with InDesign. Improvements include:

  • Pre-selection for PDF file type.
  • Auto-setting of the pagesize for the new INDD to match the PDF file.
  • Proper cropping and positioning of Bleed (if appropriate bleed box / trim box information is present in the PDF file).
  • Control over the maximum number of output pages, to make testing less time-consuming.
  • Performance improvements.

Please note that PDFMultiPlace.jsx does NOT place the PDF pages onto an existing InDesign document. There are quite a number of additional considerations when doing PDF multi-Place onto an existing doc: scaling, positioning, rotating, layer management, integration with printer marks, integration with a slug feature, and so on.  Maybe I will tackle this project some day. Or maybe not.

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