If IDImposer’s crop marks appear at the wrong location, and you have set the Bleed in InDesign’s Document Setup panel, please try the following:

In InDesign:

  • Turn off “Facing Pages” mode in InDesign, in File / Document Settings.
  • While you are in Document Settings, set Bleed to all the same value.
  • If you are using Master Pages, make sure that your Master Spread has only 1 page. (You can remove a Master Page in the ‘Pages’ panel, using the small menu icon.)

In IDImposer:

  • If you wish, you can add extra spacing at the spine, using ‘Space Between’.
  • Impose, using ‘Saddle (Booklet)’, or Perfect (Book),or one of the paper-saving PageSequence layouts, such as “Nested 2x2_24”. (For ‘Perfect’, the Sheets Per Signature setting is on the Options panel.)


More Sample Output

Please check out the new gallery of IDImposer sample output. It should be a big help in choosing the most appropriate Imposition Type layout for your project.

Getting Started

Multi-Lingual Support

At long-last, the website now has some support for multiple languages, courtesy of Google Translate. Please let me know if you find this capability to be useful to you.


InDesign 14.0.3 – FIXED

InDesign 14.0.3 is now live and publicly available!

InDesign update has gone live (August 2019) and is available publicly. If you’re running InDesign 14 (CC 2019), please update to this version or newer.

The complete list of issues fixed in this release can be found at:

The 14.0.3 update fixes the problem introduced by the previous InDesign update, 14.0.2, where bringing up IDImposer’s “Registration” or “About” dialog caused Mac InDesign to become ‘unresponsive’. See the previous post .

This problem with 14.0.2 release affected only InDesign for the Mac, but 14.0.3 also fixes many other InDesign issues, on both Mac and Windows.

And as long as you’re updating your InDesign, why not update your IDImposer, too?


May 2019 Update to InDesign Causes Registration Issue for IDImposer – FIXED

Update: InDesign 14.0.3 released

InDesign 14.0.3 or newer fixes this problem (and many others). 30 August 2019.

Original Post:

There is an acknowledged bug in the latest (as of May 2019) update to Mac InDesign CC, 14.0.2. You are most likely to run into it if you are trying to register your License Key, using the Register button in IDImposer. The registration dialog will display, but then both IDImposer and InDesign will lock up when you attempt to dismiss the Registration dialog, requiring you kill InDesign (Command-Option-Esc).

This bug affects many scripts, not just IDImposer, and there is, unfortunately, nothing that I can do to IDImposer to work around the problem.

The only known solution is to back out of the 14.0.2 update, and run 14.0.1, or earlier release of InDesign CC, or InDesign CS6. Hopefully a newer release of InDesign will also include a fix for the problem.

If you want to learn more about the issue, see this Adobe forum discussion:


More-Up with Page Sequences

PageSequences Update

Did you know that you can do 4-up, 6-up, 8-up, and more-up sheet layouts with IDImposer? See the newly expanded Chapter 11: Page Sequences for more information. Note especially the new PageSequences Catalog, displaying all of the currently defined layouts.


Sample IDImposer Output


4 Booklet Spreads (2 Sheets)
4 Booklet Spreads (2 Sheets)

Sheet of Business Cards

Sheet of Business Cards, With Bleed
Sheet of Business Cards, with Bleed

Nested 8-Up

Sample 16-page Layout from IDImposer