For more help on installing scripts in InDesign, check these links:

Installing multiple versions of IDImposer

If you wish to keep multiple versions of IDImposer around and installed for a period of time, just rename the top-level IDImposer folder before you install a new version of IDImposer. 

If you installed IDImposer into the User folder of the Scripts panel, you would change the name of “IDImposer11.0Folder”.

To locate the appropriate folder, you can use the “Reveal in Finder” command, from the icon menu in the upper right corner of the Scripts panel.

Bug Reporting

If there is a bug in the latest version of IDImposer, or if you have suggestions, please let us know, at

If you are submitting a bug report, the more information the better:

  • Your machine: Windows or Mac
  • Operating System version
  • InDesign version
  • IDImposer version
  • Conditions that make the bug happen
  • Conditions that make the bug NOT happen
  • Can you make the bug happen on a different machine?
  • If the problem only happens on certain InDesign Documents, can you simplify a problem document as much as possible and send it to me?
  • Have you ever run IDImposer successfully? If so, what has changed between then and now?

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