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Please note that the latest release (as of April/May 2019) of InDesign CC, 14.0.2, has a bug that may affect your ability to register a license key for IDImposer. The bug is Mac only and does not does not affect any earlier release of InDesign. 14.0.1 is fine. See this post for further information.

If the output page limit of the Free version (see the Download page) doesn’t work for you, please consider purchasing a License Key.

After you complete the purchase, you will automatically receive your registration information via email. Please let me know if you do not get the email within 30 minutes of purchase.  (Check your spam folder first.)

Registering allows you to use IDImposer for two years, from the time of purchase.  (After that time, IDImposer limits the number of output ‘printer spreads’ to 6 — that is, it reverts to the Free version — but otherwise continues to have all of the Pro features.)

Purchase a license for IDImposer Pro:        

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(We use PayPal’s payment system, but you do not need to have a PayPal account of your own. PayPal can accept credit cards directly.)

When you receive your registration email, click the “Register” button in IDImposer, then enter your key and the rest of the licensing information from the email. Then click Validate, then click Done.

IDImposer Registration dialog
IDImposer Registration dialog

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing and Versions

See also this general FAQ.

  1.  So how many versions of IDImposer are there now?
    Answer:  Two — but there is only 1 download: ‘IDImposer 11’.  If you have not licensed and registered your copy yet, this download functions as the Free version.  The Free version has all of the Pro features, but is limited to a certain number of ‘printer spreads’ per job (currently, 6.)  6 printer spreads is enough to do a 3-sheet, 12-reader-page  folded 2-up 2-sided newsletter or booklet).
  2. What about the 30-day trial period?
    Answer: Gone.  Use unlicensed IDImposer forever, if it suits your needs.  Drop me a line sometime, and tell your friends, if IDImposer improves the quality of your life or job!
  3. If I purchased IDImposer 9 or 10 a long time ago, will that license key work for IDImposer 11?
    Answer: No, sorry.
  4. If I already purchased a license for IDImposer 11 Pro, will that license key work for the latest version of IDImposer Pro?
    Answer: If the license key begins with ‘F01’, it should work for the latest version.
  5. Do I get a discount if I’m upgrading from an older Edition: Standard Edition or Booklet Edition?
    Answer:  No, sorry.  I’m a 1-person company, and it’s just too much work to administer upgrades.
  6. I have one computer at work and one computer at home.  Do I need to buy 2 License Keys for IDImposer?
    Answer: No. You may use your License Key on any machine where you are the primary user.
  7. How do I contact you?