InDesign 14.0.3 – FIXED

InDesign 14.0.3 is now live and publicly available!

InDesign update has gone live (August 2019) and is available publicly. If you’re running InDesign 14 (CC 2019), please update to this version or newer.

The complete list of issues fixed in this release can be found at:

The 14.0.3 update fixes the problem introduced by the previous InDesign update, 14.0.2, where bringing up IDImposer’s “Registration” or “About” dialog caused Mac InDesign to become ‘unresponsive’. See the previous post .

This problem with 14.0.2 release affected only InDesign for the Mac, but 14.0.3 also fixes many other InDesign issues, on both Mac and Windows.

And as long as you’re updating your InDesign, why not update your IDImposer, too?

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