Download IDImposer Here

Download IDImposer

The download file referenced by the link below contains free trials of both Editions, so that you can easily compare them within the 30 day evaluation period, to see which Edition best fits your needs and budget.

ALERT – apparently, the newest release of InDesign, CC 2017.1, is incompatible with IDImposer.  IDImposer runs and completes, but then InDesign crashes, and you have to restart InDesign in order to view the IDImposer output doc. I will work on the problem when I return from a vacation, on April 25.  If you discover anything more about the problem, I would appreciate any information that you have.

Download IDImposer-2017.01.07

Then follow the installation instructions Here.

Once you have decided that IDImposer will be a valuable addition to your tool chest, and know which Edition you want, get your license Here.