What are Customers Saying?


“Thank you!!! I recommend this plug-in to my students and colleagues all the time. I’ve been using it since 2015, and just bought this key for my work computer : ) “
–– Breanne T., 12/08/2020

“BTW, IDImposer is a truly wonderful software program. Thanks so much for bringing it into the world!”
— charles w, 5/16/2016

“I love your product and have made sure my whole design department is using it instead of the Print Booklet feature in InDesign.”
— stephen, 4/6/2016

“This is how Print Booklet should work.”
— BGBF, 2/5/2016

“I tried the program, loved the program and bought the program …”
— K.C., 6/27/2014

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