What are Customers Saying?


“Thank you!!! This is such a great plug-in.”
— B.T., 11/1/2016

“BTW, IDImposer is a truly wonderful software program. Thanks so much for bringing it into the world!”
— charles w, 5/16/2016

“I love your product and have made sure my whole design department is using it instead of the Print Booklet feature in InDesign.”
— stephen, 4/6/2016

“This is how Print Booklet should work.”
— BGBF, 2/5/2016

“I tried all the blank pages options–no difference. Stephen’s booklet-making script did the job. Thanks!”
— teryg, 2/15/2016

“Too bad Adobe hasn’t included [IDImposer] into InDesign.”
— A.N., 1/15/2016

“Thank you for a very professionally done and easy to install script. I just can’t believe how well done it was the very first time I used it.”
— L.L., 11/20/2015

“…thanks for creating such a time-saving piece of software.”
— I.M., 11/5/2015

“it’s a great piece of software and I really do appreciate all the work you’ve put into developing it. I am more than happy to make further contributions towards it’s continued development and excellent support.”
— M.H., 10/13/2015

“I tried the program, loved the program and bought the program …”
— K.C., 6/27/2014

“Thank you for creating this. Working at a non-profit, this was exactly what I was looking for.”
— N.H., 5/28/2014

“Congratulations for your plugin. It’s amazingly quick, simple to use and damn precise. When I use the Indy booklet function, the front and the back are totally offset. With idimposer, it’s perfect!”
— N.A., 5/26/2014

“Fantastic product by the way!! Do you engineer any other Adobe CS plug-ins?”
— F.I., 3/10/2014

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