IDImposer Features

Product Compatibility

  • InDesign CS5 through at least InDesign 2022.
  • All InDesign-compatible versions of MacOS X, and all InDesign-compatible versions of Windows.

Productive UI

  • Specify imposition layout parameters in whatever units best match the job: mm, cm, inches, or points.
  • Automatic calculation of sheet margins
  • User definable Presets

Versatile Imposition Types

  • 2-Up 2-Sided Single Fold Saddle-Stitch
  • Consecutive
  • Perfect-Bound, Cut-Stack, and StepAndRepeat
  • SheetsPerSignature >= 1
  • Support for 4-Up, 6-Up, 8-Up, …

Printer Marks

  • Configurable crop marks, registration marks, ink bars, and sheet information
  • Sheet information lists the source document name, date and time, the original page numbers, the sheet number, and whether it is the front or back of a sheet.
  • All printer marks are designed to be visible against any background, so that they are not obscured by any bleed.

Other Layout Features

  • Creep/Shingling (Progressive microshift of page contents).
  • Input Pages of any size, and output Sheets of any size.
  • Unequal sheet margins are mirrored properly on the Back of the sheet.
  • Optional Gaps (Spacing) between pages and spreads.
  • Support for InDesign Bleeds. Specify the bleed settings in the Document Settings for the original InDesign document. And then be sure to leave a little space for the Bleeds in the Sheet Margins and Spacing parameters of IDImposer.
  • Your slugs can easily be Placed on the imposed InDesign output document, either on a Master page, or individually on each Flat. Be sure to leave enough room for the slug, using the Sheet Margins.
  • Photos that cross the spine of Reader Spread facing pages (Crossovers) are correctly handled and perfectly aligned.
  • Master Page items are handled correctly.
  • Special characters like auto page numbers are handled correctly.

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