Do I need IDImposer?

Consider Adding IDImposer to Your Toolkit If:

  • You use Adobe InDesign, and
  • You are trying to use InDesign’s ‘Print Booklet…” feature, but it doesn’t quite do what you need, and periodically drives you crazy; or
  • You are a Designer who needs to produce folded mockups of a job, for clients or your commercial printer; or
  • You have an in-house print shop that wants you to supply them with ready-to-print, imposed PDF files; or
  • You are a 1-person publications department — you do it all; or
  • You need an easy way to digitally add special printer marks, or ‘slugs’ with job information, to your imposed output; or
  • You love bookbinding — producing your own books, by hand.

Consider NOT Using IDImposer If:

  • You are using an outside printer that has a prepress department. They will very likely want to do the imposition themselves, and will charge you more if you try to do it yourself.