IDImposer Overview

Try Before You Buy

IDImposer is free to download and try out, and can be used as-is for producing small to medium sized jobs.

When you’re satisfied that IDImposer can help your business, but need to do larger jobs, please purchase a license key.

A normally reliable automated system will send you an email with your license key within 10 or 15minutes. But if you have not received that email within the hour, check your spam mailbox, then let us know.

Enter the licensing information from the email into IDImposer’s Registration dialog.

Powerful Imposition Capabilities

Create printer sheets for wide variety of imposition jobs. IDImposer puts you on the fast track for producing booklets, books, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets — even sheets of precisely aligned business cards or labels.

Features include support for saddle stitched binding, perfect bound binding, creep, bleed, crop marks, presets, and cut stack jobs. None of IDImposer’s features require any special printing hardware. And any output sheet size can be specified.

IDImposer also supports user-definable Page Sequence (template) files, for book pagination and other multi-up imposition layouts.

The IDImposer Workflow. Simple, Efficient, Precise.

  1. Create your InDesign Document.
  2. Start IDImposer.
  3. Select the IDImposer settings for the job.
  4. Click the ‘Impose’ button.
  5. Inspect the new, imposed InDesign document.
  6. Print it in InDesign, or use InDesign’s PDF Export.

See IDImposer Sample Output here and here.

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