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Version: 2023.01.19

Click here to download

Then see the installation instructions below.

You can download Release Notes here.


The basic idea:

Drag the IDImposer12.0Folder into one of InDesign’s two “Scripts Panel” folders.

In more detail:

  1. Unzip the file that you just downloaded, (It is probably in your Downloads folder.) To unzip,
    • On the Mac, double-click the .zip file.
    • On Windows, press and hold (or right-click) the .zip file. Select Extract All
  2. The resulting unzipped folder is named “IDImposer”. Our goal is to move the “IDImposer / MoveIntoScriptsPanel / IDImposer12.0Folder” into one of InDesign’s “Scripts Panel” folders.
  3. Easy enough, but where are these “Scripts Panel” folders?
    To find them, start up InDesign, and open the Window > Utilities > Scripts panel.
    In the Scripts panel you will see two folders, named “Application” and “User”. (Newer versions of InDesign will also have a “Community” folder.) You must be an Administrator to put something into the “Application” folder, so we’ll use the “User” folder. Click on that folder, then click on the small icon on the upper right corner of the Scripts panel. One of the choices in the dropdown is “Reveal in Finder” (“Reveal in Explorer,” in Windows).
  4. The appropriate “Scripts Panel” folder will open, and you can drag IDImposer12.0Folder into it.
  5. IDImposer12.0Folder should now show up, under the “User” folder mentioned in Step 3.
  6. Inside of User > IDImposer12.0Folder is the IDImposer script, IDImposer12.jsxbin. Double-click it to run IDImposer.

Running IDImposer

Open the InDesign document that you want to impose. Then, double-click the IDImposer12.jsxbin file, in the User folder in the InDesign ‘Window > Utilities > Scripts’ panel.

See also First Project for a ‘Quick Start’.

Make Some Test Documents with ‘MakeTestDoc.jsx’

You will probably learn the capabilities of IDImposer more quickly if you initially experiment with test docs rather than actual production jobs.

Make a blank InDesign document, and run the MakeTestDoc.jsx script in the IDImposerIDImposer12.0folder. MakeTestDoc will draw page numbers and page borders on the blank document. Then run IDImposer from the Scripts Panel, choose any of the Imposition Type ‘template’ settings, and click the Impose button to create a new imposed InDesign document.


  • See what happens when your test doc has only 1 page.
  • Your output (imposed) document has the same name as your source document, except that there is an underscore ‘_’ in front of the name of the output document.


Once you have installed and run IDImposer successfully on smaller jobs, please see the Licensing page.

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