If IDImposer’s crop marks appear at the wrong location, and you have set the Bleed in InDesign’s Document Setup panel, please try the following:

In InDesign:

  • Turn off “Facing Pages” mode in InDesign, in File / Document Settings.
  • While you are in Document Settings, set Bleed to all the same value.
  • If you are using Master Pages, make sure that your Master Spread has only 1 page. (You can remove a Master Page in the ‘Pages’ panel, using the small menu icon.)

In IDImposer:

  • If you wish, you can add extra spacing at the spine, using ‘Space Between’.
  • Impose, using ‘Saddle (Booklet)’, or Perfect (Book),or one of the paper-saving PageSequence layouts, such as “Nested 2x2_24”. (For ‘Perfect’, the Sheets Per Signature setting is on the Options panel.)

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