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At InDesign Tools, our goal is to make awesome prepress tools for Adobe InDesign — tools that will make you wonder how you ever got along without them!

IDImposer turns your ‘reader-order’ document into a ‘2-up’ ‘printer-spread’ document, ready for folding and stapling.  Sounds simple enough — and InDesign includes a “Print Booklet” command that does something similar – doesn’t it?

Have you ever poured your text into the allotted text frames of the ‘story’, only to find that it didn’t quite fit?  Maybe too much text (overset) or too little text (underset).  IDTextFitter can help you to quickly fix the problem. You don’t having to act as copy editor, adding or deleting words until it fits. And you don’t have to change the font’s pointsize or leading.  IDTextFitter instead makes just enough subtle changes to the word and letter spacing to make it fix exactly.  No more time-wasting ‘trial and error’.


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IDImposer – Your Imposition Companion
December 6, 2016
Have you tried IDTextFitter yet? What do you like, and where does it need improvement?