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Create Folded Booklets and More With IDImposer

Adobe InDesign’s job is to arrange text and graphics onto pages. And that’s all you need – unless you are producing a folded booklet, or similar publication. Then you need a reliable tool to rearrange these pages onto larger sheets, ready for folding and binding.

(InDesign has a command called Print Booklet that can handle some simple “2 up” booklet cases, with some quirks and limitations. But if you are not enjoying doing battle with Print Booklet, please give IDImposer a try. We think you will be glad that you did.)

IDImposer can do many types of impositions. Here is a 12-page nested (‘saddle’) / folded, nested, and stapled booklet layout. The left column of printer spreads represent the ‘front’ side of a sheet, and the right column of spreads represent the ‘back’ side of the sheet.

12 page saddle
12 page saddle

More examples can be found here. And IDImposer is extensible, so that you can define your own custom layouts. See the IDImposer RESOURCES/PageSequences folder.

IDImposer is free to download, and is fully functional for smaller jobs. For larger jobs (more than 3 sheets / 12 pages), please get a license key here.

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